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Ein Licht im Wald

children's book

A children's book about a rabbit who is lost in the darkness of the forest. There it finds a little bit of light left behind by the sun...

Published in german by Atlantis: "Ein Licht im Wald".

This project was amongst the works selected and developed by the Boloklub 2020, a club dedicated to educating and supporting young children's book illustrators. 

„A piece of light left behind by the sun may seem whimsical to us. But just as whimsical is how hope, courage, and confidence find their place within us. Raphaël Kolly brings us a little closer to this miracle in his sensitive first picture book, A Light in the Forest.“

- Daniel Fehr, children's book author

Raphaël Kolly, Drawing, Kinderbuch, Ein Licht im Wald, une nuit dans les bois, Illustration, children's book, rabbit, Kaninchen, Licht,

Ein Licht im Wald

Text & Illustration: Raphaël Kolly
44 Seiten | Gebunden | Format 22 x 28,5 cm
€ (D) 16,– | sFr 24,90 | € (A) 16,50
ISBN 978 3 7152 0830 5
Lesealter ab 4 Jahren

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