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Hokuspokus Nudelstrudel

children's book

A children's book about a deer who is trying to make himself some pasta, but ends up making enough to feed a small town - and isn't that something we can all relate to?

Written by Jörg Isermeyer

Published in german by Atlantis: "Hokuspokus Nudelstrudel".


Hokuspokus Nudelstrudel

Text: Jörg Isermeyer
Illustration: Raphaël Kolly
16 Seiten | Pappbuch |16,5 x 18 cm
ca. € (D) 14,– | ca. sFr 19,– | ca. € (A) 14,40
ISBN: 978 3 7152 0850 3

Lesealter ab 2 Jahren

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