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Wird schon schiefgehen, Ente!

children's book

A children's book about a duck and a mouse who go out on a sunny day to visit a friend. Along the way, the duck grows more and more concerned: What if it starts to rain? They would catch a cold. Or what if they get eaten by some deadly creature?

But maybe things won't turn out quite as bad...

Winner of the 2023 Huckepack-award. Awarded to books who

have the potential to emotionally strengthen its readers.

Written by Daniel Fehr.

Published in german by Thienemann: "Wird schon schiefgehen, Ente!".


Wird schon schiefgehen, Ente

Text: Daniel Fehr

Illustration: Raphaël Kolly
32 Seiten | Gebunden | Format 29,6 x 23,7 cm
€ (D) 14,– | sFr 23,90
ISBN: 978 3 522 45964 8

Lesealter ab 4 Jahren

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